Frequently Asked Questions

We have established a simple and convenient way through which you can get expert academic aid. You just need to complete an order form and make the necessary payment. We will then assign you to the best research expert depending on your order. After completion, you will access your order through your personal order page.

  • Complete the order form, prior to which you may ask for a free quote to gauge our rates and services.
  • Make the payment, after which we will provide you with a personal order page through which you can upload instructions and clarifications, make enquiries, and track progress.
  • Order assigned to the most appropriate and qualified expert.
  • Access your personal order page to preview and approve the complete order. You may request for a revision in case the work does not meet your full expectations. (See Revision Policy )
Through careful recruitment, we have a set of highly experienced experts qualified across various disciplines. We pass applicants through a rigorous process before accepting them into our team of professionals. Our administrators will match your order to an expert most qualified in your area of study.
Alternatively, returning customers can always choose to have their work done by a research expert who has previously worked on their orders. Specify the expert you wish to have work on your case through your personal order page. Please note that this approach to expert selection is subject to the selected expert’s availability and willingness to work on the specific case.
We allow you to communicate with the researcher only through the personal order page. We will notify you through the page and via email whenever the expert sends you a message. We are not liable for any communication that may happen between you and our freelancers outside the aforementioned channels.
As indicated in our Privacy policy, we may ask you to submit personal information such as name, email addresses, and contact numbers. We may also collect payment information such as credit and debit card numbers. Our service is entirely confidential, as we not only will not distribute your private information to third parties, but also undertake the best possible security measures to protect your private information. We only use the private information you give us to provide you with a high quality service and undertake billing.
We shun plagiarism with the seriousness it deserves, which makes us the true home of custom-prepared content. Through our experienced researchers working from scratch and a careful plagiarism check, we ensure that our customers always receive original content. Before you receive your paper, we run it through a strong plagiarism checker to ensure maximum originality. Check our Quality Assurance page for more information.
We follow standard academic formatting entailing 1-inch paper margins, 12-point Times New Roman, double spacing, and 275 words per page. However, we follow all your special formatting requirements, which you should provide through the order page.
In our bid to maximize the quality of services we offer to clients, we run a progressive delivery service for extended works such as research projects and academic dissertations/theses. Through this option, you can have the work delivered to you in parts, as the research expert progresses through the order. As a result, you can work closely with a qualified expert, adding comments and asking for timely changes to ensure the work unfolds according to your preferences.
Once you ask for progressive delivery, we will work with you to establish an appropriate schedule for delivery alongside its payment plan. We will then assign your work to the most qualified researcher, who will work with you through the order’s various steps according to the aforementioned schedule.
As the research expert delivers each part, you may review the work and ask for amendments.
Ultimately, you will receive a quality paper that may require no significant additional amendments.
Through your personal order page, you can request for a free revision in case the paper you receive does not meet your expectations. You will have to send specific comments to the research expert explaining where the work requires changes, as well as specify a deadline for the revised work. However, in case your revision instructions constitute a significant shift from your original instructions, our staff will decide a rewrite fee depending on the level and complexity of the work. Please see our revision policy for more information.
Your personal order page allows you to request for a new order, communicate with the research expert assigned to your order, upload any required material, and track order progress.
You can also communicate with our administrators through the page. In addition, the personal order page contains sections on your order history, as well as a profile section through which you can view and edit your personal information.
We will send you an email notification with a link to your personal order page once the assigned research professional completes your case.
The page allows you to download a final version of the completed work.
You may also visit your personal order page as the deadline approaches, which will help preempt any confusions and misunderstandings.
It is always advisable to send ALL Order Details and Files to after placing an order with us. This not only alerts our team immediately of a new project needing assigning and attention, but also keeps you in luck of being picked for a FREE writer status and account profile upgrade

For any question not addressed here, please engage one of our many agents available via live chat, or leave us a message and we will get back to you promptly.