An effectively written speech is one that engages the audience, communicates the intended message, and bears an appropriate structure to support its spoken presentation. Given that members of the audience only have one chance to comprehend the message in the speech, the writer should ensure that the speech is organized properly and easily understood. An excellent speech should entail the following considerations to be effective when read out.

  • Audience
    Understanding one’s audience is crucial in determining the tone and presentation of the speech, given that certain approaches to appeal and persuasion may work for one audience but not another. In addition, the speech should keep the audience interested while ensuring the content is easy to comprehend
  • Main ideas
    The speech should focus on key ideas constituting the intended message, avoiding digressing into unnecessary topics
  • Appeal and persuasion-
    A good speech employs concrete examples, verifiable facts as sources of evidence, problem-solution structures, comparison and contrast, and rhetorical questions among other modes of persuasion based on ethos, pathos, and logos
  • Effective introduction and conclusion
    An effective introduction should capture attention, establish the context, and highlight the main points. Meanwhile, the conclusion should restate the main points without repeating them, besides presenting an effective call to action
  • Time considerations-
    The written speech should be of appropriate length as to fit within the time set for presentation. Time considerations may also entail provisions for questions, clarifications, and recap among other aspects.s

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