Revision Policy

Our commitment to quality informs our openness to customer requests for any necessary amendments to work delivered.

Revision Terms

We offer free-of-charge revisions in the event that the customer’s request fulfils the following provisions:

Consistency of instructions

The revision instructions remain consistent with the original instructions provided by the customer when making an order.

Time elapsed since approval

seven days within which you can request a free revision, as long as the revision instructions are consistent with the original ones. For lengthy orders such as dissertations, you can request a free revision within 14 days of order approval.

Other revision terms:

Revision requests involving a significant change in instructions from the original ones provided by the client will attract additional charges, the amount of which will be at the discretion of the specific reviewer acting under set guidelines.

Commitment to fairness will guide the determination of additional charges based on considerations such as extent of alteration from original instructions, amount of work the researcher will undertake, and urgency of the revision deadline.

All revision requests should be submitted through the customer’s personal order page using the request revision button.