Money Back Guarantee

WAU’s Money Back Guarantee is a genuine and reliable pledgethat secures your interests by allowing you to get refunds in case a problem arises with your order. Our clear and unmatched quality guarantees mean that our client satisfaction rate is high. However, in cases where problems arise or when clients feel that they have not received the promised value for money, we have a straightforward and uncomplicated Money Back Guarantee that ensures our clients’best interests are upheld. In addition, we provide you with a considerably lengthy 14 days after order approval within which you can apply for a refund. The Money Back Guarantee covers the following aspects and situations.

I no longer need my order completed

In case you cancel the order before its assignment to a research expert, you will get a full 100% refund. In case we have already assigned a research expert to your order- as confirmed through the order status bar in your personal order page- the refund depends on the amount of work already undertaken by the assigned research expert. Our approach to determining the amount of work already completed by the assigned expert entails considering the deadline period. If you cancel the order before half of the deadline period elapses, you can claim a refund of up to 70%. In case more than half the period has elapsed, you can claim a refund of up to 50%. All refunds will be processed within a seven working days.

I placed two identical orders accidentally

In case you realize that you have placed two identical orders by mistake and paid for both, please contact us immediately to clarify the issue with our support. To receive a full refund, you will need to inform us immediately before the orders are assigned to our research professionals. In case you contact us after the orders have been assigned, the refund for the cancelled order will follow our refund policy for normal orders (see I no longer need my order completed above) I made a double payment for the same order If you realize that you paid for an order twice (as demonstrated by reception of two receipts for the order), please contact us and forward the duplicate receipts through email to have the extra payment refunded as soon as possible.

My order has not been assigned to any research expert

In the rare occasion that we have not assigned your work to a research expert, you can apply for and receive a full refund.

I received the paper late

You cannot apply for a refund in cases where lateness resulted from your part, such as late submission of materials and important paper details.
On the other hand, you are eligible for a refund in case you approve an order that has been delivered late by our research experts. In such instances, we determine the refund as a form of price recalculation based on our order delivery categories. For instance, the price for an order with a 9-hour deadline that is then completed late will be recalculated into the 24-hour category, while an order in the 24-hour category completed late will be recalculated into the 2-day category. Please notify support through your personal order page about the lateness within 14 days of order approval.
In case you do not approve an order delivered late, you are eligible for a full refund, as we assume that you do not need the work anymore.

I need a full refund because I am completely dissatisfied with the paper’s quality

In case the paper you approved does not meet your quality expectations, you can ask for a free revision, or even request a different research expert to work on the paper. However, if you have not yet approved the paper, and decide to complete the work on your own because of quality concerns, you are eligible for a full refund. Please contact our customer support within 14 days and provide strong evidence for your claims concerning quality. Our quality assurance department will oversee the case and, at its discretion, grant you 100% refund. Please remember that the paper you failed to approve remains our property and can be placed into other commercial use.

Refund Considerations for Additional Services

In the rare case that we do not deliver on any additional services your request alongside your order, any fee you have paid for such additional service will be refunded in full. For instance, any extra fees paid for copies of the sources used, advanced research experts, and expert’s samples will be refunded in full in case such additional features are not delivered.

For more information and clarifications about our Money Back Guarantee, please contact our Support Team